Natalie Dyer

Born in England and living in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and New Zealand during her early childhood, Natalie finally settled in Sydney, Australia. She has good memories of growing up in these very different environments – including her memories of the family’s pet monkey “Chippy” while in Kenya, Africa. Natalie had a love for animals and while growing up spent many hours sketching the things she loved.

At 17 she was recognised as having considerable talent and was offered an opportunity in the art studio of a Sydney-based advertising agency. Natalie became a graphic design student at the School of Graphic Design in Sydney prior to technology, when training was rigorous and the students’ illustration, fine art and technical studio skills were highly developed. She worked within the industry and married Chris, setting up a successful advertising art studio together.

Soon the demand for Natalie’s art increased to the point where it was impossible to continue teaching.Today, Natalie exhibits nationally in Australia in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Internationally she exhibits in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Offshore auctions are also experiencing a growing demand for her work. Natalie says the journey has been an exciting one and it seems that her hard work and commitment is producing some of her best work yet.“It seems to me that an artist must be a spectator of life.” George Bellows (1917) Natalie Dyer paints with a genuine gift and has a unique ability to involve her audience as she depicts our everyday lives in a fresh and vibrant way.

Her professionalism, diversity and storytelling found her much approval with art buyers and collectors from around the world, with her work hanging in a number of private collections. Through her work, Natalie seeks to give her viewers a little bit of “time out” to appreciate the little, but important things in life that can sometimes be overlooked.

”The ever-so-popular “Women with Attitude” series continues to give viewers a smile, a giggle or a laugh as they frequently identify with images that depict what women love to do in today’s fast-paced life.