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The Pixie Gallery occasionally receive items that have been framed previously, but are starting to notice the effects of substandard practices. If an item is exposed to strong sunlight, then it will 'bleach' or lose it's colour if left long enough....but there are ways to minimise this. If a garment or photo is mounted using glues, adhesives or sticky tapes then there are acids that will eat away your treasured items over time. We can show you how we mount your precious memorabilia without a single drop of glue!

Take a look below at some of the reframes completed at The Pixie Gallery. If you have an old frame on your wall and are worried about it's integrity, bring it in for a free consultation and we can let you know if it will stand the tests of time.

We received this signed Ryan Giggs shirt like this

 We knew there would be problem here as there were obvious indicators to us.

...And we were spot on!!

Almost a whole reel of harmful, sticky brown tape to hold it all in. It can't be washed or you lose the signature, so we had to do our best to recover the shirt.

Using Microtag technology, we stretched the shirt and, effectively, stitched the shirt to a new backboard, showing all of the shirt, folded in all it's glory. ArtGlass to protect the signature and a new mount with new photos, due to the other ones fading.

We received these medals, framed some time ago, from our local council, with the task of reframing. Glass was broken, medals were glued in, just generally old and tired.

We took each medal out, cleaned and restored them and then mounted them properly on a black suede backing. New plaques engraved, and a new sleek design.

The outcome was the Mayor of Wellingborough collecting the frame himself!! We even left space so that we can add medals for another 5 years

Don't settle for a substandard framing service, it's not worth it in the long run.

We only use conservation techniques and will not compromise on quality!

Get in touch with one of our experts today and see how we can help you with your framing needs. 

Such is our reputation, we were able to secure the work of framing IBF World champion, Kell Brook's fight worn shorts, ring top, gloves and actual IBF belt!!!

Each piece was meticulously mounted and framed using 90% anti-UV and 99% non reflective glass to protect the item.

Once the frames were completed to our satisfaction, we sent Kell some images of the finished pieces for approval and then, after the thumbs up, we hand delivered the frames to Kell's home.