A Unique Way To Remember A Loved One

Creating Your 'Eternity' Frame

We work incredibly hard to make sure your frame is made to the highest standard, using industry standard 'acid-free' mounts and frame mouldings. Each frame is created in house and on site at our gallery in Northants by our professionally trained framers and is quality checked before it leaves the gallery by our head framer.

Your loved one's ashes are carefully looked after and we have robust systems in place to ensure that there are no mix ups during the casting process.

So, how do we create your frame?

We will take a small amount of the ashes and add them to a clear cast resin that sets as hard as glass within a square or circular mould. If requested, we also add decorative elements, mainly micro-glitters, in varying colours. The end result is the ashes are encapsulated in the resin with a smooth and shimmering finish. 

The cast is then carefully mounted onto a board (suede or card finish) and then placed within an aperture of a triple depth mount. We have a range of background colours available.

Once the cast has been 'cured' and securely mounted, we will then make the frame that you have chosen to display the ashes in. Each part of this process, from cutting the wood frame to cutting the glass, is done by the hand of an experienced and trained framer in the gallery workshop. Nothing is 'bought in' or pre-made so every frame is unique to you and comes with the head framers signature on the back to ensure the highest quality. No frame will leave The Pixie Gallery unless it gone through the rigorous checks.

We fully understand that the designs may not suit everyone and, of course, you do not have to choose our design. You may want to add other sentimental items within the frame, or you may want something completely different and we can, and are happy to, cater for this. We would ask that you get in touch so we could discuss the options with you and offer the perfect solution to your requirements. 

Set in a triple mount