We see the art of picture framing as a way of enhancing the appearance of an item, whether it be a piece of art, a cross-stitch, a boxing glove or even a football shirt, as well as protecting the item within, but a finished frame can act as a centrepiece or accessory to any room in a house or office. Used to display artwork, photos and memorabilia for centuries, the art of framing is something that can be learnt, but there are some that have a 'natural ability' of designing frames and mounts that are a bit different to the norm. 

At The Pixie Gallery, we feel we have that gift and so we strive to create the perfect frame for you, made to your exact requirements, containing all the elements you need to display your art and memorabilia exactly how you want it. We're always happy to guide you if you're unsure, but we will give you the time you need, using our huge array of mouldings, mounts and glazing options to help you create your perfect frame. We also have a fully working kettle that we keep warm, just in case we get REALLY involved!!

We have an extremely diverse range of services, some of which are listed  in here, however, if you can't find what you need from us, please do get in touch and speak to one of our friendly experts.

We'd be delighted to help!!

Our framers use industry recommended mouldings, acid-free mountboards and sundries to ensure that your work is framed to the highest possible standards. We use acid-free tapes, 2mm picture glass as standard and guild standard methods to ensure your products stand the test of time.

Our highly respected Sports and Memorabilia frames are made using several conservation techniques. Not only will your precious items look like works of art, the frames will actually PROTECT the piece inside. No tapes or adhesives are used on any fabrics.