A Unique Way To Remember A Loved One

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we will try to answer as many questions as we can to help you decide on you 'Eternity' Frame

  • Are my loved one's ashes safe?

    • Absolutely yes! When we receive the ashes, they are labelled immediately and​ stored safely until we are ready to make the cast.

  • How much of the ashes do I need to send you?

    • Approximately half of a teaspoon. We'll even send you a spoon in the order pack to help.

  • My mum's favourite colour was blue. Could you change a mount to add this colour in?

    • Of course. This is your frame and we want it to be as personal as we can. We have several different colours and shades of mount we can use. No extra costs, just ask.

  • How should I send the ashes to you?

    • We send everything you need in the free order pack. Just carefully place the ashes into the jar provided, place this in the velvet pouch and then place this with your checked order form in the cushioned, self addressed envelop provided. We highly recommend sending it back to us using 'recorded delivery' (1st or 2nd class is up to you) so that you get the peace of mind with tracking information

  • How long does it take until I receive my frame?

    • Average turnaround time is between 2 to 3 weeks. The casting process takes the most time because of the 'curing' off the resin. Once the frame is complete, however, we will contact you to let you know and will arrange delivery to you.

  • Which courier do you use to send my frame.

    • We use ParcelForce 48hr service, and we will provide you with the tracking information so that you can see where your frame is from collection to your door.

  • Will the glass shatter if it's sent in the post

    • We use an acrylic glazing (like Perspex) so that the glass doesn't shatter in transit. We can use a standard anti-uv glass (99% UV resistant) or even a UV resistant AND Anti Reflective glass (Please ask), however we cannot guarantee it's safety once it has left the gallery. You can collect from our Wellingborough gallery if you wish.

  • Is it ALL handmade?

    • Yes. The casting and framing in entirely completed by hand. The only 'machine produced' element are the mounts that we cut 'in house' using a Wizard 9000 computerised mount cutter.

Do you have any further questions? No problem, just click below to get in touch and we'll be in touch within the next working day. Or, if you're ready, you can order your frame right now.