Andrei Protsouk

Born in Donet’sk, Ukraine in 1961, Andrei had been accepted to, and graduated from, the exceptional Lugansk State School of Fine Art. His teachers had taken a particular liking to the way of his painting and drawing; they entertained and realized the idea for Andrei to pursue a Master’s degree of fine art from the The Russian Academy of Arts which is still to this day regarded, in the art world, as one of the best classical MFA art training programs in the world.

Andrei was taught under the revered master artist Evsey Moiseenko who was not only famous in Russia but in Europe as well. Moiseenko, who was friends with other masters such as Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and Robert Rauschenberg, unfortunately passed away upon Andrei’s graduation in 1989. Being one of Moiseenko’s last students, Andrei was heavily influenced by him and was his protégée. Protsouk graduated at the top of his Master’s degree and earned the “Lenin’s Student Stipend” as well as the “Red Diploma,” the most awarded completion for the diploma in Russia at the time.


Andrei decided to move with his whole family to the United States.  He has also been collected by both corporate clients such as Coca-Cola in Denmark; Johnny Walker Expo Co. in England, Francis Lang Art, Hamburg, Germany and private collectors including former President George W. Bush.

Andrei has embedded his use of line into all of his artwork and has coined this technique as “Fine Line.” His straight, constructive use of line embodies his classical training in art in every way. In the academy, Andrei was revered as a master of composition where most artists were limited to only a few elements of composition in their artwork, Protsouk incorporated all of the elements of composition in his. This captivates his audience’s eyes which are drawn to move around his canvases so that every time anyone looks at his art, the unique composition doesn’t make you see his painting the same way twice.

Protsouk, today, has come a long way from soviet Russia. He finds inspiration in his environment in all the modern societal activities which can be seen in his paintings. His peer artist and great friend Gennadii Gogoliuk has even expressed his artwork as “Americana Eroticism,” the celebration of love and life in a free American society and enjoying some of life’s most simple pleasures. Andrei lives in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania has his own studio and gallery space off Main Street where he lives with his family. Protsouk now exhibits his art globally. He has been represented in many galleries across the United States, Europe, New Zealand and Japan.